Why Choose AP Skincare Clinic?

At AP Skincare, we specialise in clinician-led care for your skin. Rather than relying solely on over-the-counter products, we tailor our treatments to each of our patients with medical-grade ingredients and products, to achieve powerful and long-lasting results.

Our home skincare solutions have been designed and researched by world-class dermatologists to provide clear and measurable improvements in your skin’s health.

Our practice is headed up by Dr Jo Prasad, a specialist in facial anatomy and aesthetics who uses her 20 years of experience to achieve fantastic results for our patients.

Dr Jo and her team understand the science of skin, and their clinical ethos is:

“To provide visible solutions through tailored skincare and treatments that prevent, repair and reverse the signs of ageing, pigmentation and acne within an affordable budget.”

There are all sorts of elements that can affect the appearance and health of your skin; from external and environmental factors to personal diet and genetics. At AP Skincare, our skincare treatments can repair the damage that skin shows over time, and can redefine facial contours that naturally soften and descend with age.

AP Skincare’s dedicated clinic offers a level of ethical care, safety and hygiene that you would expect from all regulated medical settings. We also completely understand the need for client confidentiality, and provide daily aftercare through Dr Jo herself.

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