June 2017 Archive

hot under the collar how your skin keeps you cool feature image

How Your Skin Keeps You Cool

Posted on: 30th Jun, 2017

As we move ever deeper into proper British summertime, the weather is starting to get ridiculously hot! We’ve even had some warnings that the soaring ...

what is rosacea and how can it be treated feature image

What Is Rosacea, And How Can It Be Treated?

Posted on: 23rd Jun, 2017

Rosacea is a fairly common disorder, and can be the cause of a major loss of confidence in sufferers if left untreated. But that doesn’t ...

our experts answer your summer skincare questions feature image

Our Experts Answer Your Summer Skincare Questions

Posted on: 16th Jun, 2017

With the sun starting to burn hotter and brighter, we’re getting lots of questions from our patients about how best to care for their skin ...

does the climate affect your skin feature image

Does The Climate Affect Your Skin?

Posted on: 16th Jun, 2017

Changing climate can affect our skin in lots of ways, and as we hurtle towards the British summertime it’s a great moment to start thinking ...

dermal fillers help you to fight the signs of ageing feature image

How Dermal Fillers Help You To Fight The Signs Of Ageing

Posted on: 5th Jun, 2017

It’s no secret that our faces change as we get older. That can sometimes be most evident in our skin, as wrinkles and deep lines ...