Skincare solutions for dry skin

5 simple ways to detoxify your skin

Posted on: 3rd Mar, 2021

It doesn’t take long for pollutants, bacteria, and dead skin cells to accumulate on your skin, which is why regular detoxes are essential. By removing ...

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The 3 worst skincare habits you can develop during lockdown

Posted on: 29th Jan, 2021

2021 kicked off with some particularly unwelcome news, with the announcement of new lockdown restrictions that’s kept the majority of us confined to our homes. ...

irritating eczema by scratching.

How to avoid eczema flare ups over Christmas

Posted on: 21st Dec, 2020

Eczema is one of the most common types of skincare conditions, so if you’re dealing with it yourself, you’re definitely not alone! It’s estimated that ...

Christmas Opening Hours

Posted on: 9th Dec, 2020

We’re already right into the swing of the festive season, and in the midst of wrapping up warm and the annual rush of buying presents, ...

Skincare secrets of the stars

3 inspirational celebrities with excellent skincare secrets

Posted on: 19th Nov, 2020

When it comes to skincare, it’s fair to say that celebrities have a little bit of an advantage over the rest of us. Most have ...

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3 common myths about anti wrinkle injections and dermal fillers

Posted on: 5th Oct, 2020

Over the years we’ve heard our fair share of dental and skincare myths here at AP Skincare, but personally I’ve found that those about anti ...


How to look after your skin while wearing a mask

Posted on: 11th Aug, 2020

When 2020 begun, I think almost nobody expected that the entire country would be routinely wearing masks and face coverings just six months later. But ...


How stress can affect your skin

Posted on: 26th Jun, 2020

Stress is a normal part of everyday life, but it’s safe to say that with the onset of the 2020 Covid-19 crisis, we’ve all been ...


How we’re maintaining a safe and hygienic work environment at AP

Posted on: 18th May, 2020

The coronavirus crisis means that more people are concerned about safety working environments and hygiene standards than ever before, and we know that includes our ...

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3 important skincare tips to bear in mind for lockdown

Posted on: 30th Apr, 2020

It’s a very strange time to be alive. The global coronavirus crisis, and the national UK lockdown that’s followed, has changed life for many of ...