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Easy to keep skincare resolutions for 2020

Posted on: 22nd Jan, 2020

The best resolutions are those that mean making small changes as they are often more successful and easier to keep. With this in mind, we ...

Soothing Windburn

How to care for your acne during the winter

Posted on: 17th Dec, 2019

Let’s face it – anyone can get acne in winter. It’s one of those unwanted side effects of dry skin at this time of year. ...

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Be party ready with our anti-wrinkle skincare tips!

Posted on: 27th Nov, 2019

Taking good care of your skin to prevent wrinkles is a process — one that should be ramped up in winter! As the cold temperatures, ...

dermaroller treatment

What is demarolling and how can it improve my skin?

Posted on: 28th Oct, 2019

One of the hottest high-tech skincare trends this year is dermarolling! This skincare treatment has been all over the cosmetic magazines and Instagram feeds of ...

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How-to keep your skin hydrated this season

Posted on: 19th Sep, 2019

Dry skin and colder months go hand-in-hand, like custard and crumble. Proper moisturising is critical for having skin that looks young, radiant, and fresh! As ...

woman using face cream

The best anti-ageing products for people with dry skin

Posted on: 22nd Aug, 2019

At AP Skincare, we want you to have lovely and radiant skin no matter your skin type. But, if you have dry skin it can ...

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How to prevent skin hyperpigmentation caused by sun damage

Posted on: 10th Jul, 2019

Though awareness of UV dangers is gradually increasing, statistics from Cancer Research say that about 1 in 5 of us do not properly protect our ...

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Your top skincare priorities for spring and summer

Posted on: 3rd Jun, 2019

It’s no stretch to say that spring and summer are, in many people’s eyes, the most wonderful seasons of the year. It’s a time that ...

Dermal fillers explained

Cheek and jaw line fillers now on special offer at AP Skincare!

Posted on: 16th May, 2019

Spring is always a lovely time of year, and we’ve got something else to keep you smiling all throughout the season – our cheek and ...

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How does humidity affect our skin?

Posted on: 18th Apr, 2019

You probably don’t need us to tell you about the effects that heat and ultraviolet light has on your skin, just as you don’t need ...