Acne Treatment

Over 90% of the population has oily skin and this can lead to our faces getting that ‘shine’ through the day or cause the occasional break-out. This can be a very sensitive issue for many of our clients.

By providing our skin with the tools to self-regulate our oil production we can reduce the problems of acne and return our skin back to health. Our natural treatments can be used from teenage hood upwards and we know they can help bring your skin confidence back.

It is through assessment of skin colour that will determine the most appropriate treatment options for each client.

  • Clinical consultation assesses possible health, stress, or environmental factors that may have contributed to your concerns.
  • The majority of our clients will benefit from our ZO skin range that equilibrates our skin.
  • Our acne treatment peels will deliver targeted ingredients to soothe and control the dermal skin layer; improving the activity of these cells to better regulate our skin quality.
  • Peels and Dermaroller will also help blend away any scarring and uneveness the skin may have suffered.

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