Anti Perspiration Treatments

Having that damp shirt feeling can be a nuisance.

You may find it’s a common occurrence when you are presenting at meetings or teaching in front of a class; or are just worried that on your wedding day it may stain the sleeves on your dress.

For some people who have a natural over activity of their underarm sweat glands it can be a daily battle constantly having to top up on antiperspirant deodorant to keep them feeling comfortable.

Botulinum Toxin treatments have been used successfully for many years to reduce this over activity and encourage anti-perspiration and is available at AP skincare.

The reduction in moisture production has many positive physical and psychological benefits, particularly with the freshness and confidence you feel.

After a full consultation to preclude any medical conditions were we would recommend you see your GP, anti-perspiration treatment can be provided with no long term complications.

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