Anti-Wrinkle Treatments & Anti-Ageing Injections

Ultimately anti-wrinkle injections prevent underlying muscle contracting which prevents the skin from creasing. Injectable anti-ageing treatments and solutions are an effective way to smooth lines on the forehead and around the eyes and mouth without any need for medical surgery.

Our faces show our emotions, however over time environmental damage, stress and over activity of certain muscles can leave lines around our forehead, eyes, mouth and neck.

By lessening these muscle contractions using anti-wrinkle injections, those lines can be softened and erased for up to 4-6 months.

Toxins were initially used over 30 years ago to improve vision and even nowadays it is used medically to help neonates breathe.

The safety of these products is well researched and over 20 million patients a year wouldn’t keep returning for treatment if that wasn’t so.

Toxins are licensed through various manufacturers and ours is a popular, safe and effective choice used worldwide for over 20 years.

All toxins work by stopping the signals between muscle fibres; this can create a subtle or definite smoothing of the forehead and eyes.

By understanding the look you wish to achieve a tailored map of toxin is applied that creates your unique result.

Benefits of anti-wrinkle treatments & anti-ageing injections

These treatments are perfect for creating a contoured brow shape by framing the face. Ideally, our brow should sit just above our brow bone, and this subtle lift reduces the skin sag on our eyelid. They can also result in a smoother forehead, providing a smoother and broader canvas for makeup, and subtly reducing wrinkles around the eye and the dimpling of skin around the face.

Anti-Wrinkle Skincare Treatment Process

  • The treatment only takes a few minutes to administer, but a comprehensive medical and social history is taken first; plus pre-op photos.
  • The anti wrinkle injection is gently applied to specific groups of muscles that are the cause of lines.
  • The toxin is applied as microinjections and these feel like hairs being plucked.
  • Immediately after treatment you may see little blebs on your skin, but these fade within 30 minutes.
  • The muscle activity will decrease over 7-10 days and your lines will smooth and fade.
  • We will always review the result after 2 weeks and provide a free top up to fine tune any additional muscle activity.
  • The area may require re-treatment after 4-6 months.

Why choose AP Skincare?

Our skincare treatments are primarily clinician-led, which means that we don’t rely solely on over-the-counter solutions. Instead, our clients can enjoy fantastic, long-lasting results from powerful treatments that use medical-grade ingredients which can only be prescribed by trained clinicians like our team here at AP Skincare.

We draw upon decades of specialist experience in skin health and facial anatomy to recommend and deliver the treatments that are perfect for you, while taking into account other aspects of your overall health, as well as any other medications you’re currently taking. We also make sure to adhere to strict governance guidelines, so you can always have complete peace of mind when you’re under our care.

We’re very strict in maintaining rigorous cleaning protocols for our clinical practice, according to governmental guidelines. For example, we make sure our specialist equipment undergoes thorough cleaning between each use, to ensure the very highest standard of hygiene and safety for our patients.

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