EDermaroller Collagen Therapy

This award winning anti-ageing, rejuvenating treatment wowed the skincare industry with the radiance and hydration it gave to over 30s skin!

After 30 our skin activity starts to slow down and that’s why our skin appears;-

  • Dull
  • Dehydrated
  • Lined and wrinkled
  • Open pored
  • Oily

By understanding the science that keeps our skin looking great, the EDermaroller treatment can generate the hydration and collagen we need for great skin.

EDermaroller Collagen Treatment

  • The face is stimulated by a wand of fine micro-tips that firmly brush the skin and increase the flow of blood to the surface.
  • This increase of blood supply delivers an optimal level of nutrients and growth factors to the skin; reviving the cells in a multitude of ways that in turn rejuvenate your skin over six weeks.
  • The treatment takes two hours, the first hour we leave a numbing gel on the skin to prevent any tingling during treatment and the second hour is the actual treatment where the skin is stimulated and infused with a super-concentration of hyaluronic acid which filters through to the dermis.
  • Immediately after treatment a soothing mask, full of potent antioxidants and calming serums is applied to both nourish and calm the skin.
  • You will be supplied with our Heliocare anti-ageing cream, that not only feeds the skin but has a tint that will mask any redness you have.
  • This is an investment treatment but will pack a powerful punch to repair the damage our face is permanently subjected to from the environment and our lifestyle stresses.
  • Initially we would recommend a course of 3 treatments to restore the skin to optimal health with a single treatment for maintenance every 6 months.

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