EDermaroller Collagen Therapy

What is Edermaroller Collagen Therapy?

Edermaroller Collagen Therapy is a clinically-based procedure which is designed to encourage new cell growth, improving skin circulation, texture and skin tone. It’s our treatment of choice to help smooth acne scarring, and many of our clients choose this as an effective treatment to reduce dark staining and pigmentation. Skin health is all about encouraging new cell growth, and this can get sluggish as we hit our thirties, so this treatment re-boosts that cell activity for you.

Usually within 3 treatments we can see real changes to your skin. The exact number of treatments you’ll need will depend on what sort of results you’re looking for, and the overall condition of your skin.

Benefits of Edermaroller Collagen Therapy

Improved skin regeneration is one of the key benefits of Edermaroller Collagen Therapy, and it’s powerfully effective in repairing several types of skin damage including acne pitting and scars. It can also provide measurable improvements in pigmentation and age spots.

Skin damage can vary over your face, and the skin itself has different properties in various zones. Our Edermastamp delivers precisely measured stimulation, which results in clear benefits to your skin that our experts can reproduce each time you visit. To start your journey, contact us today by phone or email, and we’ll arrange an in-house or video consultation with you!

Why choose AP Skincare?

Our treatments are primarily clinician-led, which means we don’t just rely on over the counter solutions. Instead, our clients can enjoy fantastic, long-lasting results from powerful treatments that use medical-grade ingredients, which can only be prescribed by trained clinicians like our team at AP Skincare.

With decades of specialist experience behind us in skin health and facial anatomy, we have a detailed knowledge of how our treatments are affected by your overall health (including any other medications you’re currently taking) so you can always trust us to recommend treatments that are perfect for you. We also make sure to adhere to strict governance guidelines, so you can always have complete peace of mind when you’re under our care.

We’re similarly strict about the standards to which we maintain cleanliness and hygiene within our practice, and maintain the environment in accordance with rigorous cleaning protocols. For example, we make sure our specialist equipment undergoes thorough cleaning between each use, to ensure the very highest standard of hygiene and safety for our patients.

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