Dermal Fillers

Our face structure changes over the years as our cheekbones, forehead and nose sink inwards along with a downward droop of our skin support.

Dermal Fillers Rejuvenate Your Cheeks & Skin‎

Dermal fillers can create a support for our faces, volumising any hollowing in our cheeks and under eyes tear troughs, plus redefining cheek bones and our lips.

Our dermal filler of choice is the Belotero range; a family of products that that has American ‘FDA’ approval. This means it is recognised as having an excellent safety profile and produces definite results. Unlike old fashioned fillers that left permanent results that were difficult to remove, Belotero™ is extremely compatible with our faces, has minimal complications and can be reversed if there are any issues.

The Belotero range comes in different thicknesses of gel. The greater volume we need to define an area, the thicker gel we use, creating a customised sculpted look for each client.

Belotero fillers can be placed via a needle for fine sculpting or via a cannula (blunt needle) that minimises bruising and discomfort when treating a larger area. Dr Prasad uses both techniques allowing her to deliver great results with minimal downtime.

Treatment Process For Face Lines And Wrinkles With Dermal And Facial Fillers at our Skincare clinic in Blackburn

  • A comprehensive medical and social history is taken, along with pre op photos.
  • After a detailed consultation, the client and Dr Prasad will decided on the areas that can effectively be treated and the cost involve.
  • These specific areas will then have local anaesthetic applied, via a cream to make the treatment comfortable.
  • The product is placed and sculpted to create the desired look.
  • Results are immediate and will improve over the next week.(With lip enhancement they may feel a little bruised and swollen initially, but this subsides over a week)
  • Clients are reviewed after 2 weeks, but have the reassurance that they can contact Dr. Prasad if ever required, including weekends and evenings.
  • The results last between 6-12 months and then may require top-up.

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