Belotero - Lip Filler

Lip Fillers

Professional Lip Filler Treatment in Blackburn

With over 20 years experience of looking after smiles, we understand your smile frames your face.

We also understand that each client has a specific look they wish to create when they visit us for lip fillers.

Create definition with our professional lip filler treatment

By choosing lip fillers of different thicknesses we can create definition to a thin lip, perfect for lipstick; we can balance an uneven lip line or we can sculpt the perfect pout for your selfies.

At AP Skincare, we use professional market leading natural products such as Belotero™ that add volume to lips to help make lips look plumper for that perfect pout.

From only £250, including the application of a numbing gel to make the treatment virtually painless getting the ‘Look’ could just be a click away!!

Why choose AP Skincare?

Our skincare treatments are primarily clinician-led, which means that we don’t just rely on over-the-counter solutions. Instead, our clients can enjoy beautiful, long-lasting results from powerful treatments with medical-grade ingredients, which can only be prescribed by trained clinicians like our team here at AP Skincare.

Our experts are specially trained in facial anatomy, and with this specialist expertise in recreating smiles, they’re able to deliver tailored results that are uniquely perfect for you. We like to do things with a personal touch at AP Skincare, and we always take the time to make our patients as comfortable and calm as possible whenever they have any clinical treatment.

Whenever we recommend or begin a treatment, we always make sure to take into account other aspects of your overall health, including any medications you’re currently taking. We’re governed by strict authority guidelines, allowing you to have complete peace of mind when you’re under our care.

Naturally, we’re very strict in maintaining rigorous cleaning protocols for our clinic, and will make sure that our specialist equipment undergoes thorough cleaning between reach use to ensure the very highest standard of hygiene and safety for our patients.

To book a consultation call 01254 297 000 or book online.