Endocare Skincare Products

The chief ingredient behind the success of Endocare products is its patented SCA Biorepair technology; a clinically proven complex that combines antioxidants with powerful natural growth factors, noted for their high resistance to environmental factors like changes in temperature, excessive dryness and even UV radiation from sunlight. Now, they serve as the driving force behind the power of SCA Biorepair technology.

These growth factors benefit the skin by kick-starting and stimulating the production of elastin, collagen and hyaluronic acid, all of which are proven to have positive effects in reducing surface lines and wrinkles. As its name suggests, SCA Biorepair also has notable regenerative properties, with a successful track record in rejuvenating ageing and sun-damaged skin.

Core Benefits of the Endocare skincare range

  1. Key ingredient of patented SCA Biorepair technology
  2. Uses potent natural growth factors to re-energise the skin
  3. Particularly effective in revitalising ageing or photo-damaged skin

The Endocare product range

Endocare’s Tensage Cream is a rich, creamy gel designed to be rapidly absorbed through the skin. Using patented SCA Biorepair Technology, it builds upon the skin’s underlying architecture to reverse the signs of ageing, increasing tightness and elasticity to re-firm mature and damaged skin.

Endocare’s Tensage Serum is one of the most potent sources of skin regeneration. This non-oily serum uses the powerful anti-ageing ingredients in its SCA Biorepair technology, together with soothing anti-oxidants to re-energise your skin, improve uneven skin tone and reverse the signs of photo-ageing.

Endocare Gelcream is a daily moisturiser that makes the most of an ultra-nourishing hydration complex. It’s a smooth, non-oily gel that not only hydrates your skin, but also builds and strengthens its skin’s underlying structure while extra anti-oxidant activity protects your skin against outside environmental factors, leaving it both looking and feeling fantastic.

The silky serum of Endocare’s Eye and Lip Contour specifically targets the delicate skin around your eyes and lips, using its advanced natural growth factors to intensively regenerate and moisturise these particularly delicate areas, while additional anti-oxidants in its SCA Biorepair technology also act as catalysts for additional skin defence and repair.

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