Flavo-C Skincare Products

Flavo-C is an acclaimed range of products recommended by dermatologists across the globe. Each product incorporates L-ascorbic acid as a key ingredient; it’s a form of Vitamin C that was specially chosen for its ability to penetrate and protect the skin, defending against sun damage. As we get older, Vitamin C is one of the vitamins that our bodies get less effective at producing on our own, making Flavo-C products great for preventing the worst effects of environmental factors like sunlight, smoke and air pollution.

What’s more, the ingredients of Flavo-C products also make them fantastic for fighting the signs of ageing, as they stimulate and encourage collagen production, strengthening your skin’s internal structure. Their inclusion of vital-anti-oxidants provide potent anti-ageing benefits, making them great for restoring the feeling of youth and vitality to your skin.

Core Benefits of the Flavo C skincare range

  • Key ingredients of Vitamin C L-ascorbic acid make Flavo-C products ideal for protecting against sun damaged skin.
  • Stimulate collagen production to support the underlying structure of your skin, helping to protect against the signs of ageing.
  • Extra anti-oxidants leave your skin looking youthful and energised.

The Flavo-C skincare product range consists of:

Flavo-C Forte:

Renowned as an intensive serum that used a combination of L-ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) and powerful anti-oxidants to protect against photo-damage. At 15% L-ascorbic acid, it has one of the most potent levels of protection, and its unique penetration system guarantees optimal repairing and increased collagen formation, helping your skin to look and feel soft and beautiful.

Flavo-C Serum:

Flavo-C Serum stimulates the formation of collagen fibres to boost the underlying structure of the skin, counteracting signs of ageing like deep wrinkles and crows’ feet. It contains an advanced combination of Vitamin C and antioxidants – and at 8% L-ascorbic acid, it’s perfect for tackling the lower levels of sun-damage.

Flavo-C Tonic:

The exfoliating properties of Flavo-C Tonic have made it a favourite amongst dermatologists, as its active formula (with Aloe Vera) clears the skin of dead cells and impurities, toning, soothing and purifying all in one. It’s an ideal complement to other Flavo-C products, and ideal for daily use as part of an anti-ageing routine.

Flavo-C Cream:

Flavo-C Cream is a powerful anti-ageing moisturiser with active Vitamin C ingredients. These ingredients make it amazing for penetrating the skin and going to work on its underlying structure, restoring its natural protective barriers and leaving it refreshed, rehydrated and soft to the touch. Flavo-C Cream also a brilliant supplement to other Flavo-C products.

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