Pigment Control

Asian skin is particularly prone to scarring. Blemishes and pigmentation can be hard to reduce, many skin care regimes can sometimes lead to a worsening of the issue.

The products we stock in Clinic have been clinically proven to reduce and blend away the scarring that can be produced from spots and illnesses. Understanding skin means that we work with your skin cycle so over time you can visibly see the results of a more even and fresher skin tone.

Pigment Control Product Benefits

Zo Skincare - Pigment Control Treatment Product

ZO Skincare

ZO skincare products are noted for their exceptionally powerful ingredients, which can easily help blend away pigmentation, age spots and uneven skin tone. These products contain clinically therapeutic levels of botanicals, enzymes and growth factors to help your skin repair and protect itself, and they are only available from trained clinicians like our team here at AP Skincare.

Jo herself is a firm convert into the ZO camp, and has seen the transformations it produces. As well as being an effective pigment control treatment, these include:

  • Proven reduction in fine lines and wrinkles due to improved cell renewal
  • Healing and preventing the damage from acne and redness
  • Soothing rosacea and balancing skin colour
  • Creating skin that you can actually wear nude!

To start your ZO journey, we first need to complete a thorough skin health consultation with you. To arrange your appointment, feel free to fill in our email enquiry or call us on 01254 297 000 and we can book you into the clinic (or arrange a videocall if that’s easier!)


For over 10 years, this range has created noticeable reductions in skin blemishes, stains and melasma for our clients. The reason for pigmentation is due to the overactivity of the melanin in our skin. Neoretin helps control the irregular melanin activity to slow down future staining and blends away the overpigmentation.

These products can blend and reduce the pigmention marks, with particularly in darker skin tones, post-pregnancy and sun damaged skin. It’s a simple solution for an add on to your current regime, with active ingredients that can create a more even colour tone for your skin. For long-lasting results, look no further than Neoretin!