Skin Protection Treatment Products

Skin Protection

Your skin is your body’s first defence against undesirable elements and free radicals, so it needs looking after! Our skin protection solutions are widely recognised and have powerful active ingredients, helping to maximise your skin’s protection against sun rays and other harmful free radicals that cause premature ageing and skin conditions. They can also give your skin a bit more breathing room to repair and protect itself, so you can stay looking your beautiful self.

Skin Protection Product Benefits

Heliocare - Acne Treatment Product


One of the most essential forms of skin protection, Heliocare helps guard your skin against a huge range of different sunlight wavelengths, which are recognised to be one of the biggest threats to your skin’s overall health and a leading cause of premature skin ageing. Heliocare’s products provide a simple and cost effective way to slow the premature ageing process, as well as providing excellent overall protection for your skin.

All skincare science advocates a daily SPF on top of any other lotion or serum that you buy. That SPF should provide 100% protection from all the different rays that the sun produces. Heliocare provides exactly this, and is formulated with the antioxidant fernblock - a unique ingredient that boosts its anti-ageing effectiveness.

Each product in the family has some particularly helpful uses -

  • Colour Tint & Sun Touch SPF 50 - a cream to help you form a foundation and SPF all in one
  • Air Gel SPF 50 - a lightweight mousse perfect for men and children
  • Compact - a great top up for after the gym or while on holiday, or just on-the-go outside!
  • Oil-free SPF 50 - perfect for reducing breakouts
  • Body spray SPF 50 - lightweight body mist that provides the easiest way to apply all over protection. Just spray and go!

ZO Skincare

For all around skin protection and repair, you can’t get much better than a ZO skincare regime. ZO products are only available from clinicians like our team at AP Skincare, as they contain exceptionally powerful ingredients and clinically therapeutic levels of botanicals, enzymes and growth factors to repair and protect skin. Dr Jo herself is a firm convert into the ZO camp, and has seen the transformations it produces, including:

  • Proven reduction in fine lines and wrinkles due to improved cell renewal
  • Blending away of pigmentation, age spots and uneven skin tone
  • Healing and preventing the damage from acne and redness
  • Soothing rosacea and balancing skin colour
  • Creating skin that you can actually wear nude!!

To start your ZO journey, we first need to complete a skin health consultation. To arrange an appointment simply fill in our email enquiry or call us on 01254 297 000, and we can book you into the clinic, or arrange a videocall if it’s easier.