Sun Damage Protection

Heliocare is a highly effective range of skincare products, with a glowing international reputation built on their high level of sun damage protection.

A key ingredient of Heliocare products is Fernblock, a natural fern extract unique to Heliocare. The fern in question, Polypodium leucotomos, has evolved over millennia to develop an incredible level of inherent sun damage protection. By using natural antioxidants found within the plant, Heliocare’s products shield you against the UVA and UVB radiation in the sun’s harmful rays, prompting your skin’s own inbuilt immune systems to defend themselves during and after times of high sun exposure.

Core Benefits of the Heliocare Skincare Product range

  1. Provides natural, biological photo-protection
  2. Limits the amount of DNA damage inflicted on skin cells (a major cause of skin cancer)
  3. Inhibits structural changes to the skin, assisting with the anti-ageing process
  4. Lessens the likelihood of sun-induced allergic skin reactions

Heliocare Product Range

Heliocare Compact is an ultra-smooth, specially-formulated makeup with added sunscreen. With its smooth, light texture, its highly-advanced mineral filters combat sun-damage and UVA and UVB radiation while helping your skin to look and feel amazing.

Heliocare Capsules are a dietary supplement that provide excellent protection against sun damage. They’re effective from the very first dose, giving you quick and reliable protection, especially when used together with sun-creams of SPF25 and above. They work from the inside out, making them particularly successful against prickly heat rashes and similar conditions.

Heliocare Colour SPF 50 is a tinted, non-oily sunscreen gel that’s specially formulated to be easy to apply and light to the touch. Suitable for all skin types, its in-built skin-tone enhancer masks uneven areas of skin tone, leaving your skin with a beautiful bronzed look.

Offering the ultimate level of sun protection, Heliocare Ultra Gel is gentle but supremely powerful; an effective shield against the worst effects of photo-ageing and sun damage. Suitable for oily and mixed skin types, it’s both transparent and water resistant, making it ideal for use under mineral make-up.


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